Financial difficulties

We appreciate that your circumstances may change and you may experience temporary financial difficulties. If this is the case, please call us on 01228 595939.

It is important if you find yourself in financial difficulties you let us know as soon as possible. We will be sympathetic and positive and we will do all we can to help you overcome your difficulties.

The sooner we discuss your problems, the easier it will be to find a solution. The more you tell us about your full financial circumstances, the more we may be able to help.

Dealing with debt

Practical steps you can take to help resolve your debt problems
Be honest with yourself
Acknowledge the problem

Don’t ignore post from people whom you owe money to

Contact us
If you think you might be getting into financial difficulties

Let us know and ask how we can help

Draw up a budget
Make a list of all your debts and prepare a statement of your financial position

Detailing your income and expenditure and how much you owe

Maximise your income
Decide on your priority financial commitments and maximise your income

Cut down on non-essential spending and claim any benefits or tax relief for which you may be eligible

Make us an offer
Check your budget to see what you can afford

If we accept your offer, make sure you stick to it

Review your circumstances
Assess your ongoing financial position regularly

Keep us posted of any changes

Contact a specialist
There are expert money advisers who can give you help

Support and advice is available to help you deal with your circumstances

Contact all creditors
So that they are aware of the situation

A free money advice service should be able to help you agree repayment plans with creditors

More help is available

You may want to talk to your family, friends or support agencies who may be able to help. Many people find it helpful to get advice from a specialist debt counsellor (usually called a money adviser). You can get free, independent money advice from any of the following: