Request a settlement

Looking to settle your loan or fancy a change? Let’s see how we can help.
For all enquiries please contact us on
(01228) 595 939


If you’ve got a current loan with Borderway and want to see how much is outstanding then you’ll need a settlement figure.

A settlement figure is the amount of money required to settle your agreement to us at the time you request it.

You can settle your loan in full and you’ll not have any more payments to make or if you can’t quite manage it all in one go then we offer our customers the option to partially settle their agreements.

This means you can pay off a lump sum of your loan and reduce your monthly payment for the remainder of your loan.

You can also make multiple partial settlements during your loan period. You can give us a call to see what your settlement figure is or request a call back from one of our team at a convenient time.