Vehicle Finance / Loan Payment Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you are experiencing difficulty with personal or car loan payments as a result of Coronavirus, up until the 31 of October, you can apply online for a payment arrangement or payment freeze of up to three months.

It's quick and easy to apply. No need to call us, simply download and complete our online form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What you need to know

  • You should contact the Department of Work & Pensions to find out if there is benefit income or other government support that you can claim.
  • If you have other unsecured loans, credit cards or other commitments, you should contact the provider, Citizens Advice Bureau or a free debt advice service to see if reduced payment arrangements can be made.
  • You should contact us immediately to advise us of any changes in your financial circumstances that would enable you to make increased or full loan payments.
  • It is in your interest to make payments to your agreement to avoid your arrears balance increasing further.
  • Where your full loan payment is not being made for an agreed period, the payment shortfall will accrue as arrears.
  • When this payment concession ends, we will ask you for your proposals for the repayment of the arrears which have accrued. This could include increased monthly payments or a lump sum payment. You must still repay the total amount owed under your agreement within the original term to avoid being in default, and we will not automatically agree to extend the term of your agreement to allow you to repay the amount owing as a result of these reduced payments. You should consider the financial implications of this and we recommend that you obtain legal and financial advice.


  • How does a ‘payment freeze’ work?

    A payment freeze reduces your monthly loan payment to zero. However, your regular monthly payment including interest will need to be paid following your payment freeze, and this will need to be repaid within the existing loan term.

    This means that, when the payment freeze ends, either your monthly loan payments will need to increase for an agreed period of time to ensure you repay the capital and interest in time, or you will need to make a lump sum payment to clear outstanding payments that should have been paid if you had not received the loan payment freeze.

  • How do I apply for a payment freeze?

    We will gather a limited amount of essential information from each customer to be able to make a decision on the best way to support customers in as timely and straightforward a way as possible.

    Please download the form on this page and email it to

    If your enquiry is urgent or your payment is due within the next 3 days, you can call our team on 01228 595939, but please bear in mind that we are receiving a high number of calls, so thank you for your patience.

  • Are all customers eligible for a payment freeze?

    No, this is one of a number of options that lenders can offer. The offer of a payment freeze can be made available to customers not already in arrears and up to date with payments. Under FCA rules, lenders must ensure that any forbearance offered enables recovery through full repayment of arrears, minimises the long-term impact of arrears, and that the loan remains affordable and sustainable. Overall, forbearance needs to minimise the risk of repossession. This is why payment freezes are generally short-term.

    For customers who are already in arrears or in financial difficulty, we will consider the full suite of forbearance options that are ordinarily available to customers under existing rules. We will look at customers’ individual circumstances and offer support on a case-by-case basis.  We are ready and able to offer support, we would encourage customers to contact us at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss the options available to them.

    We will help customers the best way for the individual, but an automatic payment freeze may not always be the most suitable approach and may not be required by all customers.

  • But lenders are only offering a short-term measure – what about customers who may be likely to need support longer term or help to recover to their previous position after the payment freeze expires?

    At the end of the payment freeze period, the standard loan terms regarding payments will apply. We will get in touch with you to assess your circumstances, including reviewing your income and expenditure, and try to come to an arrangement with you to enable you to return to full repayments.

    If appropriate and we are able to do so, we may be able to agree a further period of forbearance or other measures to support you for a longer period of time.

  • How will this affect my credit score?

    Arrears that are accrued due to Coronavirus payment arrangements will not be reported to the Credit Reference Agencies.

  • What if I’m already in arrears?

    You should continue to speak to us and we will review existing arrangements if there is a change in circumstances.

  • I’m coming to the end of my forbearance period, what do I do?

    If you are due to come to the end of your forbearance period, you will need to speak to a member of our team in order to make arrangements to bring your account up to date.

    You can call the team on 01228 595939 or email them at and someone will call you back to discuss your circumstances and agree an appropriate arrangement.